Winterizing Your Water System

Winterizing Your Water System

Confirmed Issue:
Winterizing the van water system

Affected Units:
Any Vandoit with water accessories

Issue Explanation:
When water freezes, it expands. As a result, full jerry cans, water lines, water nozzles, sink heads, or hot water tanks can burst. 

This article covers how to utilize your van if you are going to be traveling in cold weather, as well as how to remove water from the van if you will not be using the van. 

Winter Usage:
            - It is important to note that water will freeze if the interior of your van is 32 degrees Fahrenheit or lower. If you are leaving your van for a day or two in the winter, if you use your van as a daily driver, or if you are traveling full time and want to keep water in the van, we recommend utilizing the Espar heater. The Espar heater comes programmed to run for 12 hours. This can be adjusted up or down as needed depending on how long you are leaving the van. Important reminder: You need more than 1/4 tank of gas for the Espar to run. For those not utilizing water in the winter, please refer to the model you have below. 

Winterizing the Vandoit LIV Model:
            - LIV models come with the water system mounted in the passenger side box. GO models may have water in the driver side box. The water system is made from a combination of a jerry can, hot water tank, and/or 10 gallon tank.

To Winterize the Jerry Can:
           1. Unbuckle the green jerry can.  Empty the remaining water. 
           2. Turn on the water pump.  Spray out any remaining water from the line. Once empty, turn off the water pump. 
To winterize a 10 Gallon Tank:
           1. T urn the valve to open to pull water from the 10 gallon tank (blue valve parallel with water line). 

           2. Spray all the water out of the 10 gallon tank. Make sure to look at the level window on the front side of the tank to ensure it is empty.

          3. Continue spraying the water pump to spray any water from the line. Once empty, turn the water pump off. The tank can stay in the van. 

To Winterize the Hot Water Tank:
          1. Although water was sprayed, there can still be up to 1 gallon of water left in the hot water tank. Unbuckle the hot water tank.   
          2. Unplug the hot water tank from the outlet. 

          3. Disconnect the red, blue, and back flow water lines from the top of the tank. They are hand screwed on.

Note: Older units may have a PEX fitting. If you believe yours do not match the fittings you see pictured in step #3, please contact Vandoit Customer Support with photos of your current fittings to get updated fittings.  The updated fittings will help you to easily remove your tank. 
         4. Remove the tank from the van and tip upside down.       
To Winterize a Kitchen Pod:
         1. After doing the above steps, turn the kitchen sink on. Let all water run out of the lines.
         2. Unscrew the kitchen water line from the brass fittings.
         3. Keep brass fittings open for the winter. Should water be accidentally left in the line, we do not want water expanding and busting a closed fitting. 

Winterizing the Vandoit DO Model:
- The DO model will be equipped with the hot water box or the cold water box.
           1. Spray remaining water out of the hot water or cold water jerry can till empty. 
           2. Disconnect the waterlines where they attach to the water modules. It is okay to keep the lines connected to the kitchen pod. 
           3. Store modules in a place where they will not freeze.
Do not store the modules in the van. 

Important: Regardless of which water system you have, we strongly recommend disconnecting the coiled hose and sprayer from the water system and storing them in a warm location.  Leaving them in the van during freezing temperatures makes them vulnerable to cracks and breaks.

See this video for more information on winterizing your water system:

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