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Our business hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m central. Responses will occur during these hours. When submitting a ticket, please send us clear photos and/or videos of the issue you are contacting us about, it will expedite your support request.
    • Popular Articles

    • Winterizing Your Water System

      Confirmed Issue: Winterizing the van water system Affected Units: Any Vandoit with water accessories Issue Explanation: When water freezes, it expands. As a result, full jerry cans, water lines, water nozzles, sink heads, or hot water tanks can ...
    • Understanding Your Shore Power Cord

      Article Objective: In this article, you will get to know the shore power system. What is shore power? Shore power is connecting your van to a reliable power source, essentially allowing for an unlimited amount of battery life. It is similar to ...
    • Espar Heater Not Working

      Confirmed Issue: The Espar heater stops working and/or the thermostat displays a "no flame detect" or "code 52" error message, on your Digi-Max D-1000. Affected Units: Any Vandoit van with an Eberspaecher Espar Airtronic B4 heater Issue Explanation: ...
    • Maxxair Deluxe Owners manual

      Maxxair Deluxe Owners manual
    • Mastervolt Screen Not Working

      Confirmed Issue: The Mastervolt inverter controller screen does not respond and is "asleep." Affected Units: Vandoit vans with lithium battery systems Issue Explanation: The Mastervolt inverter controller screen can stop working due to a couple of ...