Troubleshooting a Dead Ford Van Battery

Troubleshooting a Dead Ford Van Battery

Confirmed Issue: 
The Ford van battery is dead and the vehicle will not start. 

Affected Units:
Any Ford Transit with a Vandoit upfit.

The Ford van battery is dead and the vehicle will not start. The van engine is not able to run, but the Vandoit batteries in the rear of the vehicle are charged and all Vandoit electronics (lights, outlets, fan, air conditioner, heater, etc.) are working. 

Issue Explanation:
Due to leaving Ford devices on, leaving a car door open, or extended periods between van use, the Ford Transit chassis battery has died and the vehicle will not start. If you do not start the van for an extended period of time, it is imperative that it either be plugged into shore power or have access to solar power. During extended periods between van use, make sure your inverter is turned off.  When possible, drive your van periodically to keep your battery charged. To confirm that a dead Ford battery is the problem you are facing, and to resolve this issue, follow the steps  below.

Note: This article is NOT for a dead Vandoit battery system. This is for a dead car battery. To learn how to power your Vandoit system if dead, please refer to "No Power" article found under the electrical --> AGM or lithium category. 

(Note: This fix only works for Vandoit AGM systems. Lithium systems will need to be jumped like a normal vehicle, unless they received the silver jump start relay button, released in early 2023.)
1. To confirm that Vandoit power is working, hit any of the rocker switches, turn on the dome or accent lights, or try operating a device that is plugged into one of the Vandoit-installed outlets. 
2. Confirm voltage is between 11.5v - 13.0v by checking your inverter controller or solar for AGM systems and the Mastervolt controller for lithium systems. 
3. Important: If your Vandoit battery is NOT within this voltage range and your car battery is dead, you will need to plug into shore power to charge the Vandoit battery before the next steps or jump start your car immediately. 
4. If Vandoit power is within the voltage range, you can connect the AGM Vandoit battery bank with the front Ford battery to equalize voltage. To do this:

  1. Locate the red rocker switch:
    1. For DO models, the red switch will be located on front facing panel of the electronic cabinets.
    2. For LIV models, this is inside the driver's side electronic box. (Most models will have a hole on top to access the switch. You can always remove the panel with 4mm allen wrench if you have trouble locating it.)
    3. For GO models with the electronic box by the slide door, the red rocker switch could be located under the driver's seat or on the front of the passenger's side storage box. Please contact Vandoit customer support if you have difficulty locating the switch. 
  2. The red rocker switch should be set to "auto." To connect the Vandoit battery to the front the front Ford battery, flip the red switch to the "on" position. You should hear a click. 
  3. Allow the connection a couple of minutes to equalize voltage and then try starting your car. 
  4. Make sure to flip the red switch back to "auto" after starting your vehicle. 
If these steps do not resolve your issue, please contact Vandoit customer support by submitting a ticket or sending an email to

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