Mastervolt Screen Not Working

Mastervolt Screen Not Working

Confirmed Issue:
The Mastervolt inverter controller screen does not respond and is "asleep."

Affected Units:
Vandoit vans with lithium battery systems

Issue Explanation: 
The Mastervolt inverter controller screen can stop working due to a couple of possible errors.  Placing your thumb on the circle button does not wake it up.  The inverter and electronics may or may not still be working.

1. Start the vehicle. Make sure the engine is running. 
2. Plug into shore power. 
3. Rest your entire thumb on the circle button on the bottom side of the controller. Since these systems are used in the marine industry, the waterproofing they use sometimes does not read consistent pressure if you just tap the button with your finger, as opposed to holding your thumb on the circle. Try to cover that entire circle with your thumb.  Note that the button is not pressure sensitive.

4.  Try tapping the Mastervolt screen in an area other than the power button.  This may bring the screen out of standby or "sleep" mode.

5. If the screen still does not work, disconnecting power to the screen can reset it.  Unplug the data cable for 30 seconds and plug it back in. Try steps 2- 4 again. Remove the Mastervolt inverter screen from the headliner by following the first part of this video:

6. If these steps do not resolve the Mastervolt issue, you most likely have a bad Mastervolt inverter controller.  Contact the Customer Support team to confirm that this is the case by creating a ticket in the Customer Support portal or by emailing

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